• Graduate in Business Management and Administration (UIB).
  • Master's Degree in Public Finance, Tax System and Tax Procedures (UIB-FUEIB)
  • Master's Degree in Taxation and Tax Consultancy (CEF).
  • Member of CEIB (Economists Association of the Balearic Islands) under association number 861 since 2004.
  • Member of AEDAF (Spanish Association of Tax Advisers).
  • At Vidal Asesores since 2000.

Practical fields of expertise. Her professional experience lies in the field of taxation, with special emphasis on Personal Income Tax, Non-resident Income Tax, Wealth Tax, VAT, Transfer Tax, Stamp Duty and Inheritance and Gift Tax.

Experience. She has more than 20 years' experience in providing comprehensive tax advice to resident and non-resident individuals. She also provides a tax planning service for family and business estates in the field of inheritance, both for tax planning of inheritance and donations, as well as advice on accepting and processing inheritance. Furthermore, she can give tax advice on complex real estate transactions, direct taxation (personal income tax, non-resident personal income tax, inheritance tax) and indirect taxation (VAT, transfer tax and stamp duty), as well as assistance with tax inspections, appeals and claims.


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