• Degree in Law.
  • Notary competitive examinations, 1992-1998.
  • Member of ICAIB (Balearic Islands Bar Association) with no. 3,503 since 1998.
  • Diploma from the General and Special Course of the School of Legal Practice of the Foundation of the Bar Association of the Balearic Islands.
  • Member of the professional staff of Partitioners of ICAIB.
  • At Vidal Asesores since 2000.

Areas of practice. His professional practice is mainly focused on Civil Law and Commercial Law. In civil matters, he specialises in individual rights, rights in rem, obligations and contracts (sales, leases, exchanges, assignment of building rights, surface rights, etc.) and in all matters relating to inheritance, whether in common inheritance law or in Balearic Island law.

He has carried out many complex corporate operations in commercial matters, such as mergers, acquisitions and demergers, agreements for companies, trade unions, family business protocols, etc.

Experience. More than 20 years managing and resolving civil matters of all kinds.

Extensive experience in real estate, inheritance and corporate law.Experiencia. Más de 15 años gestionando y resolviendo asuntos civiles de todo tipo.

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